Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Yahhoo Blog Questions on 7/11 Mumbai Blasts

Following is the Question and write -up associated with it posted in Yahoo on 20 July 2006. This is being transferred to my this blog for records. By the way, in Today's Anandabazar Patrika from Kolkata quoted Biman Basu of the CPM raising the same question.

"Is there a possibility that the Mumbai Blasts are the handiwork of some Hindu Fanatics like the Shiva Sena ?

Only a week ago there was mayhem in Mumbai by Shiva Sena activists for alleged desecration of the Statue of their leader's long dead wife. They are politically feeling sidelined, their party is breaking up. Elections are due a year or two from now. They need communal polarisation, and a Hindu Muslim riot could be the ideal stepping stone. The first reaction of a number of people interviewed on TV after the blasts was to "shoot those criminals being protected by the Government", meaning Muslims perhaps? I wonder.

Or is it the Al Kaida? The technical precision with which the acts were carried out may be beyond the competence of Shiva Sena. Or are the "Pakistan based" terrorists responsible? What can be the motive? To destabilise the Government, in Maharashtra or in Delhi? Is it a reprisal against Gujrat riots four years ago? Then why don't someone come out and say so? They can easily do so, incognito, on an unknown website and send it to "Al Jazira". I wonder. "

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