Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back at IMI

I feel that I should record some of the developments that took place in IMI after I returned from the holiday in Britain. Firstly, as the Program Director of the 3 year PG programme for working executives (did I mention it earlier? I was given this administrative responsibility since July,2006), I had to identify and persuade a visiting faculty to take a full course on Organisational Behaviour (OB II). I contacted Kanika Bhal of the Management Studies Department of IIT Delhi, and she readily agreed.

Secondly, there was the National Symposium on the Competiveness in Knowledge Economy, that took place at IMI on 3rd and 4th November, 2006. The Symposium proceedings were quite good, and a number of high profile bureaucrats and academics came to present papers. I had one paper on Intellectual Property rights in Knowledge Management. Perhaps I may take up a research project on the subject later on.

I have been invited by IIFT to participate in an EU-India programme and design a curriculum of a course on Technology Transfer. It will be quite a new experience for me, and I am feeling a bit nervous. I have to deliver by the end of January, 2006. I have started to locate some of the earler literature and presentation materials that I had collected during my FITT days, and also looking at some of the other materals on the Internet. Meanwhile, Ashoka Chandra has also asked me to take a 2 session class on Tech Transfer in the PGPM course on Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology (SMIT) in the last week of November. This should help.

On last Monday, ie 13 November, 2006, I went to make a presentation on Coal Industry (why was I asked to do that, by VenkatRatnam, the IMI Director, is bit of a puzzle) at the Employment Summit of the CII. It went off well, and I think it was a good opportunity for networking. Later on the same day I visited the Gurgaon Corporate Office of GENPACT with a few students to attend to a discussion meet on a project on Innovation in an Knowledge Organisation.