Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Expose on BMW case- posted on CNN-IBN website

The expose shows the deep malaise that has enveloped the Indian society at large. If you have money and influence, you can literally "get away with murder". In this particular case, two of the topmost lawyears of Delhi have been shown to collude to save a rich man's brat. If they seem to have been prepared to buy the last remaining witness for Rs 2 crores, I wonder how much was spent to get all the other witness "turn hostile", and how much did the lawyers get as their "fees". And of course, nothing is expected out of this expose ultimately. The defence lawyer will definitely wiggle out of the mess by skillfully exploiting the "loopholes" of the law, and proving the "fabrication" and "inadmissibility' of the "doctored" video evidence. Kulkarni would be called "unreliable" and "blackmailing" so and so, as he is aleady being dubbed by both the two lawyears involved. In a civilised democratic society, the two attorneys would have both got immediate suspension from the bar, and Kulkarni would have been given state protection and later perhaps some kind of commendation. In India today one does not expect either to happen.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Comments on a Yahoo Video on Iraq War- Father Sons and Brothers

I watched this heartrending video today on Yahoo 60 Minutes, dated 27 May, 2006. And posted the following comments (no 861 in the comments series)


This was a moving story, of soldiers going to battle an invisible army, in the name of fighting for the country, for a cause that was clearly based on unsubstantiated allegations created by incometent intelligence agencies. There was no evidence that the perpetrators of 9/11 crime had any link with Iraq or with President Saddam. In fact Saddam was no friend of Al Quaida or Bin Laden, and the US government should have taken Saddam's help to trace out these culprits instead of destroying Iraq to the ground and still let the terrorist group survive and thrive. No soldier from a democratic country can fight for an ideal that has been decisively proved hollow. My heart goes out to the four thosand or so US and British soldiers who have laid down their lives for nothing, and I feel for the two hundred thousand troops that are fighting a war in an alien land, with no winning end in sight, for God knows how long. Iraqis do not want them there; the longer they are there, greater destruction is bound to happen in that country. No wars can be won if the people you are supposed to liberate do not support and collaborate. The American people must pressurise the Bush administration to quickly work out a political and just solution along with all the countries in the region in a time bound manner, get the soldiers back home as soon as possible, and let the Iraqis sort out their own problems. Solve the Palestinian tangle instead to bring peace in that part of the world. And rebuild Iraq and Palestine wih "Marshall Plan" type initiative with all the resource the USA has, in stead of spending it on military weapons and killing of people, both locals (in millions) and Americans (in thousands). Akesji, India
Posted by senguptaarya on Wed, May 30, 2007 7:35 AM ET


I also wrote the following comments on reading the CBS News May 30, 2007 story on Bush: Iraqi, Afghan Wars "Our Destiny"

I am sorry, President Bush. At least the Iraq war can not be labeled as a destiny for the United States; it was your doing. It was a war gone into in false pretences - not for saving the American nation against the threat of terrorism from a despotic fanatical regime, but most possibly (history will confirm someday in future !) for ulterior political and imperialistic reasons of a coterie of people who wanted to gain and retain wealth in perpetuity. Pray, ask Bush, why have four thousand loyal American soldiers died and what were the sins of hundreds of thousands of the innocent Iraqi civilians who have been killed in the last four years? Can an American patriot not make a "citizen's arrest" of Bush and ensure his impeachment for the crimes against humanity that he has perpetrated?

Posted by aryaseng at 08:44 AM : May 30, 2007