Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today's Thoughts

31 May 2006

I have committed myself to prepare proposals for organising conferences/workshops on Knowledge Management and R&D Management at IMI. I have downloaded a number of materials on these subjects from the internet, but still I find myself somewhat static. I need to do something about this. Perhaps this afternoon after lunch I shall start getting down to write at least one of the propsals. The problem is, Vekata ratnam, the Director of the Institute, and Ashoka Chandra, the Advisor, expect me to bring grants from some agencies in the Government (DSIR, DST or DIT, or CII or where ever). That means, first of all the proposals should be good and substantial, and secondly, I have to lobby with bureaucrats in these organisations, something I do not relish.

As yesterday, there are very few people in the Institute during the summer closing period also today. I saw Venkat in the groundfloor foyer while entering the buiding today. He is here, and ao are a few more, because some event of IIMA is on; also the PGPIM exam is going on. I wonder if I should spend sometime with Venkat.

This morning I was surfing the TV, and came to know that pre-monsoon showers have started in Mumbai from yesterday. That is a bit of a worry. We are going to Mumbai tomorrow evening for a five day holiday, and I am specially looking forward to this short escapade. Last year Mumbai had a deluge of rain, causing the city to shut down for nearly ten days, but that happened late in June. I hope we dont have to remain prisoners in Deepa and Swapan's Marine Drive residence for all the time, even though I am told it is right on or very near the beach .

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